Creating my own coding bootcamp


2014 is a year of code for me. After having my job outsourced back in June 2013 I was quickly able to create a small business online using affiliate marketing. This has gone pretty well and I have gotten to the point where I can let that run and focus on code.

While I have been learning code in bits and pieces throughout 2013, 2014 is the year where I will focus a lot more on creating apps, contributing to open source projects and at the end of 2014 I wish to be in the position to be employable as a back up but to start my own company focusing on topics that I’m interested in e.g Quantified Self

So with time in my hands I can put aside as much or as little time as I want. For my own coding bootcamp I will be focusing on code around 30+ hours per week. When I started to learn code I was overwhelmed with just how much there is to learn. What I learned however is I have to be consistent with learning, learning 5 hours and leaving it 1 week doesn’t work for me. A lot like meditation you’ll get better results when you practice everyday rather than big sessions less frequently.

The languages I’m going to learn are, HTML5, CSS3, Python (+Django), Ruby (+RoR), Javascript, Node.js

I’ll be using various resources but my main online sources will be Team Treehouse, Code School, Coursea, Udemy and anything else I find on the web.


The Bootcamp

While I have some experience (not much though!) I’ll first be taking on Python as my main language with Ruby as a secondary language (somewhat). While this isn’t a structured list in terms of time and the order of the courses here’s how I will be learning.


Python + Django

To kick off my Python and Django I’ll be taking these courses (free & paid)


Ruby + RoR



  • Learn HTML5 Programming From Scratch – A free course from Udemy – A Complete HTML5 Programming Course for Beginners
  • Code School – Learn the fundamentals of design, front-end development, and crafting user experiences that are easy on the eyes.
  • Web Design – The Treehouse web design track has various HTML5 and CSS3 courses so I’ll be studying them also.


These courses are the foundations that I will start with. There’s no set order but my goal is to aim for about 30+ hours per week on whatever I want to learn that day.

I’ll be updating this my coding bootcamp when I find more course or websites that have helped me and of course will be blogging about my journey with progress updates.

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2014 is my year to learn code. In this time I'll be blogging on this website about my progress with a company launch in late in the year. You can keep up with my progress on this blog. If you want to start your own blog, check out my guide on How to start a blog. I'm also active over here writing about the best WordPress Themes and WP Hosting Hub.   BTC tips welcome: 1MtXe6kpgPVa82yKCk6Ut99aCkmgA3s7rr

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  1. Hey Lee. I’m reading your words here and I feel like they’re my own words written a year from now! I’m hoping to make 2015 my year. Signing up for a Treehouse trial tomorrow.

    I love the meditation comparison too. You have some interesting stuff up here, would love to pick your brains sometime.

    Keep doing your thing buddy.,


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