Reversed Bucket List

My reversed bucket list

One of the biggest things recently in blogs was the introduction of bucket lists. These bucket lists are a series of goals or ambitions to which someone can just tick them off after they have done it. Sadly, the majority of bucket lists on the internet remain just a moment of inspiration and unfulfilled.

So, inspired by this tweet from Sticky Parkour.

Sticky Parkour

I will not be publishing a list of thing that I want to do, instead i’ll be publishing a list of thing I have done and thus this is my reversed bucket list this page will be constantly updated during The Ephemeral Project’s life. Although this is the first time that I have ever done or thought of a bucket list I feel it’s important to include things that I have already done and dusted and hope to echo Sticky Parkour’s tweet.

Fun stuff

Magical psychedelic trance tour of Europe and Morocco

2 months – 4 festivals – 4 countries – 2 continents  and finished off with the Sahara desert.

Sonica 2005 – Italy


Omni festival 2005- Spain


Freedom festival 2005- Portugal

Rhythms of peace festival 2005 Morocco  in a fire engine. 

Skydived over Mount Kilimanjaro


Safari in the Serengeti

A tour of the Serengeti – amazing also went the Ngorongoro Crater




Trekking through the Himalayas

Apologies for the low quality images on these photos. They were taken years ago.

Charity work

READ International -2007-09

READ International was a big part of my degree and i’m really proud to have been right at the start when the charity was in its early days to have helped it develop as a group in my university. As a team we fundraised around £8000 and collected over 25,000 school textbooks and shipped them over to Tanzania.


While we fundraised for a year and time hours collecting and sorting the books I never actually got to do my job and to go around the schools. We were we meant to hand out all the books to 25 schools in the Tabora region of Tanzania allowing the children to gain an education and to work themselves out of poverty.

READ-International However, due to basic hospital equipment in Tabora I was diagnosed with malaria and typhoid and got airlifted in a air ambulance to Nairobi in which I was put in hospital while they ran some tests for 3 days. I was fine. I still have the x-ray they let me keep.


Hitchhiked to Prague raising £350 for LCD


Cycling to New Zealand – Complete

After saving more many years add learning how to make a living online I finally sold everything I own and decided that life is for living and I quit my job and decided to do something different. Currently i’m cycling to New Zealand from the UK. 12,000 miles across the world going through: UK, France, Germany, Austria, Slovakia, Hungary, Croatia, Serbia, Bulgaria, Greece, Turkey, Iran, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, China, Laos, Thailand, Malaysia, and finally ending in New Zealand.

Blog posts from the one year trip




visited 34 states (15.1%)

 Money – My 4 hour work week

Having done a fair bit of traveling I arrived in New Zealand with the aim of making some serious money. I managed to get an SEO job within 3 weeks of arriving in New Zealand. The pay wasn’t good but at least I was able to stay in New Zealand after arriving with no money, no job and no contacts.

After 1 year I lost my job, they had outsourced it to the Philippines. Crap. After a little bit of panicking due to visa reasons I decided to give affiliate marketing more time and I’m glad I did. Without even realising it I was able to create a four hour work week via affiliate marketing and was doubling my wage from my previous job.



The increase was when I left my job. This is thankfully still ticking over and I have expanded this further with other affiliate networks (niches) while I work on upgrading my skill set with learning code but it’s a great feeling picking my own times and doing what I want.

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