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  • Team Treehouse is one of the most complete online courses to help you learn code and start your own business or find a new job. They offer a wide range of tracks including becoming a web developer, designer and much more. Content is uploaded every week and has a great forum. In this Team Treehouse review I'll look at Treehouse in more depth.

Team Treehouse is one of the most popular online courses to learn code. I have been a member for over a year now and enjoying the courses helping to expand my knowledge and learn code. What sets Team Treehouse apart is their dedication to helping you find your perfect job or develop your own business which I’ll cover later in this Treehouse review.

Treehouse adds new content every week and now has over 1,000 videos covering a wide range of topics from Ruby on Rails to web design, web development and even tips on finding your perfect job and starting your own business.

A lot has changed since I first joined Treehouse and while my journey has been on and off it’s 2016 that I have set my target to learn code. I wanted to give an updated 2016 review of Treehouse so you know exactly what you’re signing up for and the pros and cons of such a service. So let’s get started with this Team Treehouse review for 2016.

Team Treehouse Discounts

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Team Treehouse Tracks

A new feature in Treehouse is the tracks. One of the most confusing aspects of learning code is where to start, this is covered by Treehouse and their tracks as they give you a path of courses depending on what you want to learn.

Current Team Treehouse paths are:
Web Development

  • Learn programming with JavaScript & jQuery
  • Use JavaScript to modify static HTML and CSS
  • Add interactivity to your website

Web Design

  • Learn HTML and CSS, the building blocks of websites
  • Build static websites like a personal portfolio
  • Explore the basics of good design practices

Rails Development

  • Build dynamic websites like social networks
  • Use important development tools like the console and databases
  • Learn Ruby on Rails, a popular server-side framework

iOS Development

  • Create apps for the iPhone and iPad
  • Learn Objective-C, the programming language of iOS apps
  • Practice important concepts and tools for building iOS apps

Android Development

  • Create apps for Android phones and tablets
  • Learn Java, the programming language of Android apps
  • Practice important concepts and tools for building Android apps

PHP Development

  • Build dynamic websites like an ecommerce site
  • Learn PHP, a popular server-side language
  • Use MySQL to add dynamic data to your PHP website

WordPress Development

  • Create a blog using WordPress, a popular blogging platform
  • Change your blog’s look with CSS
  • Build plugins to add special functionality to your blog

Starting a Business

  • Learn pricing and accounting fundamentals
  • Learn the basics of marketing strategy and social media
  • Choose the best legal business structure for your company

As you can see there’s a lot of content to get your teeth into. Here’s a sample from the web development track.


Treehouse make a good job of making sure you know how far you are along the track. As you can above I currently have 1,782 points out of a possible 3,102 points on this track meaning I have some way to go in order to complete it.

Once you pick a track to learn you’ll see all the different topics sorted in order. Like the image below shows I now have a path in order to help me learn web development.



You can expand this further to drill down into actual lessons. Again Treehouse keeps track of your progress on a video level so even if you have to take a break for a month or too you’ll be able to pick up where you left off.


Treehouse Lessons


Once you have decided the right track for you and start making progress you’ll see a similar setup and design. For example the deep dive CSS foundations is broken down into manageable chunks teaching you the core of the topic. You also have the options for offline videos by being able to download all the course videos so you can learn on the go.




When you start learning the content you’ll see something like this. This is a sample of one of their courses for CSS. As you can see the video is 9.11 minutes long and will take you through all you need to know about the :nth-child pseudo classes in CSS3.

You are able to download the video for offline viewing and you can also download the project files so you can play around with them in your own time. One nice feature that Treehouse added a few months ago was to integrate their lessons with CodePen so you play around with the lesson code and try out different things while seeing the results live in CodePen.




You’ll also have a section for teacher’s notes. These are terms mentioned in the video which you can check out for further reading on the topic to get a better understanding on what the video is teaching you.

Code – Challenges

Once you have watched the video you’ll be faced with a code challenge like:





This tests you on the video you’ve just watched. Once you complete the code challenges you’ll start to gain badges and points.

Team Treehouse Discounts

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Get 4 Months Off Our Gold Annual Plan (Save $196 – 33% off). Limited Time!

Here are my current badges and points.





This is the core of how Treehouse works. You’ll find a similar setup and design for each track, video and deep dive. It’s a great way to keep organised and develop how you progress with the option for further learning.

If you’re wondering about the teaching style of Treehouse check this video out to see if it’s for you.



Treehouse Forum

When you start learning code you’ll no doubt get stuck at some point. This is why the Treehouse forum is so helpful. Users can post their problems when they are stuck and other students are able to help you. If you are student that gets the best answer you’ll also gain extra points to your profile.





What I love about Treehouse is their staff get involved in the forum. I posted a question that I stuck on and Andrew Chalkley took the time to make a 20-minute video and another short one detailing on how to fix my problem. Amazing support.



Treehouse Library

The Treehouse library is a way to see all the content that Treehouse offers.

From here you can sort from topics, so if you’re interested in Ruby simply filter by Ruby but you can also filter by newest to make sure you haven’t missed anything or when you think you’re progressing, sort by difficulty.




Not all about code

As discussed above Treehouse isn’t all about code and if you sign up for the Gold membership  program you’ll have access to some of the top conferences from around the world to see what the professionals are talking about.



Gold vs Silver

Treehouse offers two different packages Gold and Silver. To find out more about the differences between these two and to see which one is right for you see this link.

This is the core of the Treehouse course and its one thousands of students enjoy doing every day. With new content added every week with hard work you’ll have a good chance to finding work with Treehouse.

Good luck.

Get 4 Months Off Our Silver Annual Plan (Save $100 – 33% off) Limited Time!

Get 4 Months Off Our Gold Annual Plan (Save $196 – 33% off). Limited Time!


  • Affordable way to learn code
  • Wide range of content
  • Good teaching style
  • Support is excellent


  • You'll still need to work hard
  • You'll need extra material not on Treehouse

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